Oops: Leica Implies Canon DSLR Photo Was Taken with Their Instant Camera

In a silly mistake that made us chuckle and shake our heads all at the same time. Earlier today, we were told Leica was using a DSLR photo on their Sofort Instant Camera landing page. In fact, they seemed to be implying the photo was taken with their camera.

This is obviously a case of stock photo mixup. But even though Leica already addressed it, the offending photo is still available for all to see via Google Cache:


“Whether on a surf adventure or out at a party, the stylish, compact Leica Sofort is always by your side,” writes the advert next to the photo. “When you encounter a special moment, frame it, capture it – quickly, intuitively and creatively!”

There’s just one problem: that photo was taken with a Canon 7D. A quick reverse Google Image search will lead you to this higher resolution version where you can zoom in on the sunglass reflection. From there, an even quicker EXIF search gets you here:


To Leica’s credit, no sooner had the video pointing out the mistake begun gaining steam than the photo was replaced by one of two people using the Sofort camera itself. Now, if you visit the Sofort landing page, you’ll be greeted by this image instead:


Leica isn’t alone here; these kinds of mistakes are humorously common. Remember when Nikon put a Fuji camera in one of their ads? What about that HTC phone announced to the world with an iPhone photo? And most recently, Huawei (a friend of Leica’s) was caught implying a DSLR shot was taken with their P9.