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MIOPS Mobile Turns Your Smartphone Into a Powerful Camera Remote



The company behind the popular MIOPS Smart Trigger is back, and this time they’re turning your smartphone into what they’ve dubbed “the world’s most versatile camera remote.”

Full disclosure: MIOPS is a PetaPixel advertiser; however, our editorial and advertising are kept completely separate.

Meet the MIOPS Mobile, an evolution of the MIOPS Smart Trigger that uses the hardware inside of your fancy schmancy smartphone to become even more powerful. Time-lapse, distance-lapse, Motion, Sound, Vibration, and more can all trigger your camera to take a photo.

Like the original smart trigger, the MIOPS Mobile connects to your camera using a camera release; unlike the original, this one features Bluetooth 4.0 built right in. That’s how it communicates with your smartphone and the MIOPS Mobile app to trigger your camera in a variety of ways.

You can trigger the camera using sound, motion, vibration, time, or even distance—all set and controlled from your smartphone.

What’s more, you can set a custom sequence of different triggers. So if you want to take a road lapse to a pool for some motion-triggered canon balls, to a basketball court for some vibration-triggered dunks, and finally to a fireworks show for some sound triggered shots, you can plan it all in advance. Just be punctual.


The downside to the MIOPS Mobile is, of course, the fact that it can’t be used without your smartphone in tow; but when’s the last time you left that thing at home anyway? Pairing a DSLR controller with the box-of-sensors you carry around in your pocket every day is a no-brainer.

Like the original smart trigger, the MIOPS Mobile is up on Kickstarter where it’s already raised over $12,000 towards its $50,000 goal with 39 days left to go.

If you want your own, you can pick up a MIOPS Mobile Remote pack—just the trigger and an appropriate camera cable—for $70 early bird, or the Full pack—trigger, smartphone connection dongle, camera cable, flash adapter, and flash connection cable—for $100.


To learn more about the MIOPS Mobile or put down a pledge and secure your own before those Early Bird offers are gone, head over to the MIOPS Mobile Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here.