Instamuseum Lets You Enjoy Instagram Photos in a Virtual Reality Museum


Have a virtual reality headset and enjoy browsing Instagram photos? Instamuseum is a new app that lets you combine those two things: it turns Instagram accounts into a virtual reality museum that you can “walk around” in.

To get started, simply visit the website and type in the username of a public Instagram account. The app uses Blender to generate dynamic 3D models and then uploads them to Sketchfab. You can then put on your googles or explore the virtual world through your computer.

There are four “templates” for the virtual spaces: Art Gallery, Louvre Room, Wall, and Cube. The main rooms can only display 6 to 12 photos, so it’ll be a relatively small show rather than an extensive museum tour.

Here are a few of the most popular virtual galleries created so far:

Head on over to Instamuseum to get started yourself. You can also find a gallery of previously created virtual exhibitions here.

(via Instamuseum via PDNPulse)