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This Virtual Reality Simulator Lets You Test Real Canon Cameras and Lenses


Canon has built its own Oculus Rift app, giving users a virtual environment where they can go out and improve their composition skills while they try out some of the gear they’ve been lusting over.

The aptly named “Camera Simulator by Canon Labs” lets users (or is it players?) choose between three cameras and three lenses, and then gives you full control of both the exposure triangle and your composition.

“Teleport to multiple vantage points and frame your perfect shot by leaning, ducking, and adjusting the zoom level of your camera,” writes Canon in the app’s description. “Stretch your creativity by adjusting the three corners of the exposure triangle … [then] view your photos in full resolution on your desktop with the properly simulated exposure, motion blur, and depth of field.”

Using the app is easy. First, you pick your camera:


Then your lens:


Then you adjust your settings:


And then, finally, you snap some photos:


You can see the whole process in the video at the top. And if you’re already sold on the idea (and happen to own an Oculus Rift) you can learn more and download the app for free from this link.

Happy virtual shooting!