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Cosina AR App Lets You Try On Lenses Using Augmented Reality



Here’s an interesting idea: the Japanese company Cosina has released a new augmented reality app that shows you what various lenses look like on your camera.

Called Cosina AR, the app inserts virtual Voigtlander lenses into your smartphone camera live view when you point the app at your camera.


You’ll need to download the app for your iPhone or iPad, download and print a special augmented reality tag, place the tag over your camera mount, and the app will replace that tag with a virtual lens. Here’s the tag that’s used:


Your camera will look like it has the lens attached when you look at your camera through your smartphone:



You can take snapshots of the augmented reality view and save the images to your Camera Roll. Here are a couple of example shots by Leica Rumors:



Augmented reality is being used to help people try on clothes without actually putting anything on — this new app is like that, except for camera lenses. You can download the app for free over in the iTunes App Store.