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First Sample Footage from GoPro’s $5K Omni 6-Camera VR Rig


GoPro has released the first sample footage shot using its new Omni virtual reality camera rig, which combines views from 6 separate cameras to create an immersive 360-degree video experience.

The freestyle skiing video above was shot using prototype Omni units in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria.


GoPro’s action camera business has been struggling as of late, and the company is hoping that new products will breathe new life into the 14-year-old company. In addition to its upcoming Karma camera drone, which has been delayed until winter, GoPro announced its own official VR camera rig, the Omni, back in early April.

The rounded cube rig points 6 cameras in each direction, but it’s not just a rig that any 3D printer can make — it uses proprietary hardware that helps the cameras achieve “pixel-level synchronization”. The resulting footage can be explored in 360° through an interactive video (like the one above) or using a special virtual reality headset.

The Omni costs $5,000 as a package or $1,500 if you just want the frame without the cameras. It’s a pretty hefty price tag, but it’s relatively affordable compared to GoPro’s pro-grade 16-camera Odyssey rig, which costs $15,000. The Omni is now available for pre-order on the GoPro website. It’ll ship on August 17, 2016.