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GoPro Reveals ‘Omni’ Camera Rig for 360° and VR Action Sports Video


OMNI (PRNewsFoto/GoPro, Inc.)

VR is growing fast, and companies like GoPro don’t want to be left in the dust. A single GoPro can’t shoot 360° video, and so far multi-GoPro 360° rigs are all third party. Well, no more. Today we get to meet the Omni: GoPro’s official VR camera rig.

Like the third-party and 3D-printed DIY options out there, the Omni uses multiple GoPro cameras (in this case six GoPro HERO4 Black cameras) arranged in a spherical array.

All of the cameras capture video simultaneously, helped along by “proprietary hardware at the center of Omni [that] enables pixel-level synchronization.” That video is then stitched together into a 360° whole to be viewed little planet style or using a VR headset.

Details are thin for now—today’s announcement was basically just a “first look” photo—but GoPro promises to show off the Omni at their NAB Booth in Vegas in the middle of this month, so expect more details between now and April 16th.

(via Engadget)