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LEE Releases Simple Exposure Guide App to Use with Their ND Filters



This is useful. The folks over at LEE filters just released a handy little exposure guide app that will help you calculate the right shutter speed when you’re using their Little Stopper, Big Stopper, or Supper Stopper ND filters.

The app is extremely easy to use: you simply pick which of LEE’s ND filters you’re using and scroll the wheel on the left until it matches your camera’s metered shutter exposure without the filter. As you do that, the wheel on the right will automatically change to match the “correct” exposure with the filter attached.

The app even has a countdown timer and alarm for exposures over 30 seconds so you can see how long you have left before the shot is over.

LEE released a short video to show you how it works:

We put “correct” in quotes above because, as we all know, there’s no such thing as a “correct” exposure. The exposure you’re going for depends entirely on the effect you’re going for. Still, this will come in very handy for those of you who don’t enjoy doing math while you shoot, or trying remember how many stops of light that Big Stopper is taking away from your exposure.

The LEE Filters Stopper Exposure Guide app is free, and it’s already available for download on the iTunes App Store. Android version “coming soon.”