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Zack Arias Turns Fuji Promo Trip Into an Opportunity to Help a Worthy Cause



When Fujifilm offered to pay photographer Zack Arias to create a promotional video about their products, Arias didn’t simply create a typical behind the scenes or gear review video. He turned the opportunity into a trip to Morocco, to help out a worthy cause.

For this promo trip, Zack partnered up with his friend Andre from Focal Change, an organization that matches visual professionals like Arias with emerging non-profits and NGOs who need amazing imagery and video to help their cause. Together, they travelled to Morocco where Andre used Arias used their skills to try and fund a small fleet of school busses that will be able to carry kids from the smaller villages to the bigger ones where they’ll have access to a higher-than-5th grade education.

The video documents the four days the duo spent traveling from village to village, taking pictures of Moroccan kids at school, everyday village life, and remote landscapes. All the while, Arias throws in tidbits about the gear he brought, why he loves it, and why it was well suited for this challenging trip.

Watch the video for yourself below:

To see more from Arias visit his website or check out his educational site DEDPXL. And if you’d like to learn more about Focal Change or help support the organization, you can do that here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it seems that Fuji Middle East has turned the video private all of a sudden. We’ll try to replace it as soon as it goes back online, we apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 2: The video is back up on the Fujifilm Middle East YouTube Channel and the embed has been fixed. Thank you for your patience!