Crop or Crap: Zack Arias Takes a Real-World Look at the Crop vs Full-Frame Debate

Zack Arias is a man who knows his gear inside and out. Switching multiple times between various companies, he’s seen almost everything there is to see in terms of equipment. In the past, he’s continuously praised full-frame sensors, for their quality and the aesthetic they’re known for.

But lately, as many you may know, he’s fallen in love with the FujiFilm X-Series. It’s this switch that lead him to realize that while full-frame most certainly has its benefits, crop sensors com with a myriad of their own benefits. In the above video he takes a look at both full-frame and crop sensors, giving his honest outlook and opinions on both.


This video coincides with a much more thorough article he’s shared on DEDPXL, which explores his thoughts more thoroughly, putting crop sensors up against full-frame in a reasonably objective battle-royale.

The 13-minute video is well worth the watch and the article (approximately a 15-minute read) well worth the read. Whether you’ve been debating between crop and full-frame for your next camera, or just want to be more knowledgeable about the topic, Arias does an incredible job breaking it down and giving a real-world perspective on it.

For more information, you can keep up with Arias, both on DEDPXL, as well as his YouTube channel, where this video and more are located.

(via ISO 1200)