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The Sunbounce Tight-Fit Screen Adds Another Surface to Their Reflectors



The German light modifier company Sunbounce today announced a new product called the Tight-Fit Screen. It’s a simple reflector surface that can be stretched over an existing 2-in-1 Sun-Mover reflector to provide a 3rd surface.

The product is designed to be “a cost effective way to get more from your Sun-Mover,” Sunbounce says. “This new product fits like a second skin over the Sun-Mover Reflector Pro and offers multiple screen options without having to invest in the purchase of a second or third unit.”

Wrapping a Tight-Fit Screen around your Sun-Mover doesn’t affect the shape or tension of the reflector, and it lets you take more color and pattern options into shoots without taking up too much extra space (or draining too much out of your wallet).


The Tight-Fit Screens are available in three models: Zig-Zag Silver, Zig-Zag Gold, and Black-Hole. They’re for sale now through authorized dealers with a price tag of $49, or half the price of the $88 Sun-Mover.