We’d Like Your Feedback On Our Website Design


We launched a major redesign of the PetaPixel website this week. Thanks for all the feedback you’ve provided thus far, from the angry complaints to the happy compliments — we appreciate hearing them all. Now we’d like to hear more of your thoughts on what you’d like to see.

Post Column Layout

With the redesign, we’re splitting up posts on the home page based on popularity. New and less popular stories are found in the “Latest News” column on the side, and stories that are getting a lot of attention are featured in the main column. Previously, all posts were found in a single column. Which style do you prefer?

Featured Post Boxes

The top of the front page in our desktop view features a large section that includes 3 featured posts, some links/buttons, and more. What are your thoughts on this featured posts section of the page?

Comments Section

How do you think the comments section should work in articles?

Overall Opinion

Again, we appreciate all the feedback that’s coming in, and we’ll continue working to make this redesign as perfect as possible for all of you. If you have any thoughts that aren’t covered in the polls above, please do leave a comment below so that we can discuss!