Welcome to the Newly Redesigned PetaPixel


As you can probably tell, last night we launched the biggest site redesign so far in the history of PetaPixel. While change is often hard and controversial, there are some big ones that we’ve made in response to reader feedback and needs over the years.

Here are some of the big features found in the new design:

1. Mobile

PetaPixel has a one column design for mobile readers now! No more trying to zoom in to small text to try to read articles.

2. Larger

Previously, our main content column was limited in width to 640px. With this redesign, larger displays will see photos at up to 960px, allowing us to better feature photographers’ work in all its glory.

3. Infinite

There’s infinite scroll now, meaning you can go from post to post by continually scrolling down the page. This is particularly useful for mobile readers, as now you don’t need to do any extra taps to go from post to post.


Comments have their own home now, so you can participate in the conversation when you want to, and you can ignore the comments when you don’t care for them. Clicking the comments box at the bottom of each post will open the conversation in a lightbox.

5. Organization

Instead of a single column of all posts, we’re splitting our posts into 2 columns. By default, all posts will enter the Latest Posts column with small thumbnails and headlines. If the post is popular, receiving a lot of shares, comments, and traffic, we will promote the post into the main column of the front page, which shows our promoted posts that are trending on PetaPixel.

There are many other small changes and features here and there. If you have any feedback or bug reports, please leave a comment in this post. There are things that need to be ironed out and optimized, so we’d love to hear what you have to say!

Thanks so much for reading PetaPixel!

Update: We had some major server load issues this morning related to our new infinite scrolling. We’re disabling the feature for now as we rework some things.

Sorry, everyone, but actual content may be a little slower today while we working out things related to this new design. Please keep the feedback coming! We want to know what you have to say, both what you like and what you dislike! We’re open to changes, both big and small, based on what you want PetaPixel to be like.

Update: We’re moving away from the infinite scroll system and going back to static pages. We’ve also restored comments to the bottom of each post without having to click a comment box. We’ve also moved featured posts back to the left side of the home page, and the rest of the latest posts to the right side. Please keep the feedback coming. Thanks, everyone!