Ep. 30: Does Acting Like a Jerk Reflect on Other Photographers? – and more

Episode 30 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Former Sports Illustrated photographer Damian Strohmeyer

In This Episode

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Former Sports Illustrated photographer Damian Strohmeyer opens show. Thanks Damian.

Two photographers post videos of confrontations utilizing different tactics while doing street photography. (#)

A man and his friends shut down the I-45 freeway in Houston to propose to his girlfriend and document it. (#)

New Canon billboards seek to give location and situation-based tips to photographers. (#)

Todd in Illinois wants to know if he should send his cameras and lenses in for maintenance and cleaning.

Adobe once again beats Wall Street earnings expectations thanks to Creative Cloud subscriptions. (#)

Purported photos of Nikon’s D5 are leaked with some interesting details. (#)

A market research company finds interesting details regarding society’s use of photography. (#)

The U.S. reveals its drone registry specifications including cost and deadlines. (#)

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