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Ep. 29: Trump as Hitler? How Powerful is Photography? – and more


Episode 29 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Dixie Dixon, Nikon Ambassador

In This Episode

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Nikon Ambassador Dixie Dixon opens the show. Thanks Dixie.

Media outlets portray U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump as doing a Hitler salute. (#)

Enlight Photo goes out of business and the Orbis ring flash system no more. (#)

In our online poll, more than half of respondents want to see film photography make a big comeback.

An Australian company introduces a product designed to help with newborn photography. (#)

80’s tv show “World of Photography” is online and still as relevant today as ever. (#)

Flickr and Samsung team up on an app which allows VR viewing of 360° photos on Flickr. (#)

GoPro’s app allows for remote controlling of their cameras via the Apple Watch. (#)

Daniel in Brazil wants to know if Flickr is dying and if he should showcase his work there or on 500px.

Tokyo, Japan gets set to deploy drone hunting drones to protect sensitive areas above the city. (#)

GoPro announces the name of its first drone…but is it enough for GoPro to stay relevant? (#)

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