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StandInBaby is a Training Baby for Learning Newborn Photography Poses



Want to learn newborn photography but don’t have any newborns to photograph? StandInBaby is a new product designed just for you. It’s the world’s first fully articulated, lifelike, and camera ready dummy baby that’s designed to help photographers learn how to pose newborns.

Developed over two years by engineers in Australia under the guidance of notable baby photographers, the silicon-skinned StandInBaby is realistic in size, weight, and movements.



“Foremost StandInBaby is a safety product,” co-founder Sandra Moffatt tells PetaPixel. “Like many other professionals within the industry, I hate the thought of novice photographers learning and practicing on real babies.”

“I believe skills should first be undertaken on a training aid, of similar weight, size and range of movements, to a newborn, before photographers apply these methods to real babies.”




She and her husband Brendon are hoping to transform the way beginning newborn photographers learn and grow in their skills. Using the StandInbaby, you can practice posing, wrapping, working with props, positioning parents, lighting techniques, camera settings, and more.


The team behind the product is turning to Kickstarter to bring it to market. A pledge of about $600 will get you a first run StandInBaby in either a Caucasian or African American skin tone if/when the product successfully ships in July 2016. Here’s a video introduction:

The team has already raised over $80,000 in the first 24 hours after the launch of the campaign, so it seems like they’ll definitely be blowing past their $128K goal.

Image credits: Photos and video by Sandra and Brendon Moffatt/StandInBaby