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Ep. 18: Is Portrait Photographer as Lucrative as Fortune Says? – and more


Episode 18 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Peter Hurley

In This Episode

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A very enthusiastic Peter Hurley opens the show. THANKS SO MUCH PETER! (See what I did there?)

Fortune magazine says that Portrait Photographer is one of the top 5 best careers for work-at-home parents. (#)

What happens when you tell 6 photographers something different about their subject? Canon knows. (#)

Sony releases powerful firmware for the a7 II giving it 14-bit uncompressed RAW and phase detection autofocus with adapted lenses. (#)

National Geographic slashes 9% of its staff in advance of 21st Century Fox taking the reigns. (#)

Polaroid sues GoPro over it’s cube-shaped Session camera. Does camera shape even mater?!!! (#)

Frederick Douglass appears to be the most-photographed man of the 19th century. (#)

The New York Times teams up with Google and distributes 1.3 million Google Cardboard viewers. (#)

Matthew checks in from Poland. Don’t you think you should too?  Hint, hint.

Thomas from Madison, Wisconsin in the USA leaves a voicemail via our widget and wants to know if he should stick with the straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) JPG or shoot RAW and convert it to JPG in Apple’s Photos app on his Mac.

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