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Canon Reportedly Working on a Full-Frame Mirrorless EOS M Camera



Canon’s sales and profits have been taking a bit hit from the emergence of smartphone and mirrorless cameras, and the company’s EOS M line of mirrorless cameras hasn’t done much to help.

The company will reportedly focus more on its mirrorless cameras in 2016, and now a new report says that there’s a full-frame mirrorless camera on the way.

Canon Rumors is hearing from reliable sources that Canon is actively working on such a camera, and that the new body will keep some variant of the new EF-M mount — we’ll just have to wait and see how existing EF lenses are used on the new camera.

Canon has released 4 mirrorless cameras so far — the M, M2, M3, and M10 — and all of them are entry-level cameras containing APS-C crop factor sensors. There may be a higher-tier APS-C EOS M camera announced before the full frame one is, Canon Rumors writes.

No word yet as to when we might see the full frame body’s unveiling, but Canon should have a number of new mirrorless announcements for us over the coming year.