Canon Patents 30mm Lens for a Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera: Report


In mid-April, we told you that Canon was allegedly working on a full-frame mirrorless model they could release as soon as Photokina in September. Today, that rumor gets a bit more oomph thanks to a Canon lens patent that was recently published.

The patent was spotted by Canon Watch through Egami, and it describes a 30mm f/2.8 DO (diffractive optics) lens that Egami believes is build specifically for a full-frame mirrorless system. If true, this contradicts the original rumor that the full-frame EOS-M model would work with current EF lenses, but that piece of info seemed suspect from the beginning.

As always when patents and rumors are involved, a pinch (or more) of salt is recommended.

Image credits: Canon EOS M by Dave Lawrence.