SmartChutes is a Safety Parachute That Can Save the Life of Your Camera Drone


Aerial photography drones are highly useful pieces of technology that help us to broaden our visual horizons. However, popular consumer drones, from companies such as DJI, can cost well over a thousand dollars – something you certainly want to be careful with while flying. A new product on Kickstarter, SmartChutes, believes that they can help you to protect your drone in the event of a catastrophic mechanical failure or pilot error.


Nothing can be more terrifying than watching your expensive new gadget come crashing down from the skies. SmartChutes is a drone parachute recovery system that will automatically deploy in the event your drone is launched into a free fall. The company claims that the “system can detect an emergency and deploy a parachute in less than 350ms”. The system also includes flip and roll protection if your device tilts more than 90 degrees.


SmartChutes describes the installation process as simply installing two bolts onto the existing factory landing skid mount. When you are ready to fly, turn on the SmartChutes Flight Sensor and wait 15 seconds before take off. The company recommends operating above 50 meters for the system to work effectively.

The SmartChutes project is currently looking for $25,000 of funding on KickStarter. If interested, you can pre-order your system for $150 ($10 off the retail price), and your item is estimated to begin shipping by October 2015 if things get funded. You’ll have to hurry though, as there are less than two days left in the campaign.

For more information, or to ask questions about the product, check out the company’s KickStarter page.