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Hipstamatic DSPO is Like a Virtual Disposable Camera You Can Share with Friends



Filtered photo sharing pioneer Hipstamatic is back with a new photo app that puts more emphasis on collaboration than it does on filters. Called DSPO, the new app is like a virtual disposable camera that can be shared among friends.

You start out by creating a new group camera, giving it a life span anywhere between a day and a year, and choosing a cover photo for it. Then you invite your friends to join you in exposing the camera as a group.


You can apply filters and even custom drawings onto photos for a more personal touch if you pay a $1 in-app upgrade for DSPO Pro. After each one is saved, they won’t be visible to anyone until the camera’s time is up.


When the timer does hit zero, the photos are revealed, allowing everyone in the group to see, like and comment on the images that were made during the project.

The basic Hipstamatic DSPO app is available as a free download for iOS devices over in the iTunes App Store.