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The Filter Pocket Toddy is a Premium Microfiber Lens Cloth for Your Keychain



The Filter Pocket Toddy is a microfiber lens cloth designed for photographers on the go. When not in use, the product folds up into a small built-in pocket and can be attached to keychains, backpacks, purses, and bags.


Designed by “Smart Cloth” manufacturer Toddy Gear, the cloth is dual sided: one side features plush microfiber for cleaning a surface, while the other patterned silky microfiber side is used to polish.


In addition to the naturally hydrophilic microfiber itself, which absorbs oil, dust, and smudges, the cloth uses a special antimicrobial coating that helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and odors on surfaces. When it itself needs to be cleaned, the cloth can be thrown into the laundry, machine washed on cold and tumble dried on low heat.

Each Filter Pocket Toddy costs $10 over in the Toddy Gear online store.

Filter Pocket Toddy [Toddy Gear via Shutterbug]