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‘I Am Different’: Short Videos That Offer Glimpses Into the Lives of 5 Nikon Photographers



Nikon and The Telegraph recently partnered up for a campaign titled “I Am Different.” It’s a series of short videos showing how 5 different photographers are using their Nikon DSLR in various niches of photography.

Rosaline Shahnavaz

Rosaline Shahnavaz captures portraits of people in their own homes. She uses her images to explore people’s positions in society.

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas‘s Crash Series shows inanimate objects in unrecognizable and unfamiliar spaces.

Tom Miles

Tom Miles has been photographing obstacle course races for over a decade.

David Gilliver

David Gilliver uses light painting to create ethereal light sculptures in nighttime photographs.

Stephanie Sian Smith

Stephanie Sian Smith shoots musicians and fashion for her work, and women and their cats for her personal projects.

(via The Telegraph via Nikon Rumors)