DEDICATED: Short Film About Dedication and the D4s Goes Live with In-Depth BTS

Last month we wrote about and shared the trailer for the inception-worthy short film, “DEDICATED” (a D4s promo film about people using the D4s that was shot on a D4s). And yesterday, Nikon ambassador Corey Rich posted the final version of the film, along with a 14-minute behind the scenes look at what went into the production.

Commissioned by Nikon, Rich along with notable photographers Dave Black, Robert Beck and George Karbus all took part in the creation of the film — each photographer having the then unreleased Nikon D4s in hand.

The video and behind the scenes quite obviously come off as very long, semi-subtle Nikon advertisements, with the photographers praising the new cameras’ capabilities; however, promotional aspect aside, it’s a great look into the amazing and inspiring lives and work of these professional photographers.

Coming in at a total of 21-minutes between the two of them, the videos will take up a bit of time, but it should definitely prove worth-while… especially if you’re currently looking into the D4s and everything it can do.

(via ISO 1200 via Imaging Resource)