Dubblefilm Teams Up with Revolog for Creative Films, Unveils Major Changes

Dubblefilm has ended its relationship with the German pre-exposed film manufacturer KONO! and has announced a new partnership with Revolog to produce its line of creative film stocks. A number of changes are also being made to the lines in the process.

One of the big changes is that all of Dubblefilm rolls will have 36 exposures instead of 24. The cost of each roll is getting bumped from £10.50 ($13.87) to £12 ($15.85), but the higher number of exposures per roll means that the cost per photo is actually falling from $0.55 to $0.44.

Dubblefilm is also renaming a few of its film names. While Bubblegum and Jelly are keeping their names, Monsoon is now Pacific, Moonstruck is now Apollo, and Sunstroke is now Solar.

“People were confusing Moonstruck and Monsoon (true) so we changed both and took the advantage to change Sunstroke as it evoked negative feelings of getting an actual sunstroke (false),” Dubblefilm founder Adam Scott tells Kosmo Foto.

Here are sample photos shot with each of the 5 films:


Here’s a quick overview of Dubblefilm as shared by Revolog:

Dubblefilm initially started as a mobile app called dubble, launched by Adam Scott in 2013. A place to mix your photos with other people around the world creating stunning double exposures. As a response the creative user-base of the app dubblefilm was born in 2017. Dubblefilm provides them with creative films to take their photography experimentation away from the smartphone and back to the routes of the company; analogue photography.

“[A]s we combine our ideas, connections and styles we are able to work on a new range of films together and there will be another big announcement in a few weeks!” Revolog writes.

Revolog-produced Dubblefilms are available for purchase from Dubblefilm, Revolog, and Analogue Wonderland.