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Submarine Sandwich: A New Stop Motion Film by PES Shot on Nikon DSLRs


New York-based stop-motion creator PES was nominated for an Oscar after his “Fresh Guacamole” short film went viral on the Web. He’s back again with a quirky new film called “Submarine Sandwich,” which shows a bizarre sandwich being made in a deli with some pretty strange ingredients.

What’s neat about this project is that we have a better idea of how the individual photographs were shot (it involved DSLRs on tripods fixed to the ground). Co.Create writes that each shot takes between 2 to 9 hours to shoot. Since PES’s hands show up in each shot, he’s required to hold his body still for hours at a time.

Here are some clips showing the intense work that’s involved in order to make the illusion so smooth:

The entire project took 7 weeks, and 2,600 separate photographs were captured to create the 1 minute 48 second video.

Nikon has also put together a fascinating behind the scenes look at how the film was shot using the Nikon D810:

For more technical details on how things were done, check out this post over on Nikon’s Focus on Cinema site.