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Reports Confirm that the 5-Axis Stabilization on Sony’s a7II Works with All 3rd Party Glass



Just four days ago, Sony announced its a7II: the world’s first full-frame digital camera with 5-axis image stabilization build into the body. But as impressive as we know the image stabilization could be, no one was quite sure what glass said stabilization would work with.

The news, however, is all good. New reports are confirming that the a7II’s stabilization will work with all(!) 3rd party lenses.

According to a number of Sony Alpha Rumors’ ‘highly trusted’ sources, all third party lenses — such as those from the Zeiss ZM, Leica M and Konica Hexanon series — are compatible with the advanced stabilization system.

This news means that for the first time ever, lenses from these series and more will receive up to 4.5 stops of stabilization on a full-frame camera!

There is a slight catch. Sony Alpha Rumors sources say that lenses without electronic connections will need to be manually set up by selecting the lens’ focal length. Likewise, if the lens has the electronic connections, the data will already be present, but you will need to turn off any in-lens stabilization if it offers it.

Still, that’s a very small inconvenience when you consider adding so much stability to some wonderful glass. To learn more or if you’d like to see images of the focal length option menu, head on over to Sony Alpha Rumors.