Rumor: Sony Plans to Release a New ‘Pro’ Full-Frame E-Mount Camera By Mid-February


After a rather bland Photokina and PhotoPlus for Sony, it’s no surprise that they’re cooking up something really great for the photography world behind the scenes. And while we don’t have any more concrete news about the rumored medium format camera in the works, a very reliable rumor says to expect a new, pro level full-frame E-Mount within the next 3 months!

According to some of Sony Alpha Rumors ‘very best sources,’ Sony is getting ready to make a big announcement in late January or early February. And this big announcement is said to be for at least one new ‘pro’ full-frame E-mount camera with a handful of updated features and capabilities.


Specifically, SAR says that this camera will be the first model in a completely new generation of Sony full-frame cameras.

The word is that this thing will be built from the ground up with new sensors (which are said to offer a massive boost in quality) an updated autofocus system akin to the A6000’s, and, most notably, a ‘Pro’ designation that will have it competing with some of the best DSLRs on the market.

There’s also the possibility of new FE lenses, and new A-mount and E-mount cameras, although these aren’t confirmed by the same ‘very best sources.’