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Conceptual Ad Photo Shoot Opts for Thousands of Balloons Over Photoshop Trickery


In a day and age when it’s almost always more time- and cost-effective to use CGI for more complex photoshoots, it’s refreshing to come across amazing work that was done almost entirely in-camera and by hand.

Such is the case with the above photo series created by Getty Images Art Director Lauren Catten and photographer Martin Barraud, who teamed up for these wonderful conceptual photos.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 2.10.52 PM

Instead of opting for what would likely be considered basic CGI, the team behind the shoot spent an incredible amount of time blowing up hundreds if not thousands of balloons and tying them into the shape of the Earth, DNA, a heart and clouds so that they could give the images a more authentic feel.

The four and a half minute behind-the-scenes video above shows you just how much work went into creating the images, and while they obviously had to use Photoshop to remove the stands holding the balloons up, it’s great to see surreal work like this being done with minimal ‘digital art’ involved.

(via ISO 1200)