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How to Create Faux Fog in Photoshop in 4 Easy Steps



While I strongly prefer adding creative touches to my photos with physical tricks and effects — such as using dry ice for fog — sometimes I do need some digital manipulation done in Photoshop. Here is my technique for adding some fake fog to a photo in just 4 easy steps.

#1: Shoot the Sky

You’ll need an image of a cloudy sky. An ordinary snap with your phone should do just fine.


#2: Overlay the Photo

Drag and drop cloud image onto your photo and change the layer mode to “Screen”.


#3: Curves

Add curves. Click where the arrow points, then click on “Curves”. Don’t forget to clip to layer by clicking on the very bottom left button in the curves’ dialog window.


#4: Desaturate

Desaturate the layer if you wish.


Voila! You’re done.


About the author: Tatiana Lumiere is a fine art conceptual photographer based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. She specializes in glamour portraits with a dreamy, elegant, and sensual twist. You can find more of her work on her website and blog. This article originally appeared here.