Patty Maher "The Salvage Mission"

‘The Salvage Mission’ Photo Series Gives Old Cars New Life

Photographer Patty Maher's new award-winning photo series, "The Salvage Mission," focuses on a car graveyard near Maher's home. She was instantly enchanted by the rusty old vehicles, the stories the cars might tell if only they could speak, and how best to visually represent them before they fully decayed and became lost to time.

Great Reads in Photography: April 4, 2021

Every Sunday, we bring together a collection of easy-reading articles from analytical to how-to to photo-features in no particular order that did not make our regular daily coverage. Enjoy!

Conceptual Ad Photo Shoot Opts for Thousands of Balloons Over Photoshop Trickery

In a day and age when it’s almost always more time- and cost-effective to use CGI for more complex photoshoots, it’s refreshing to come across amazing work that was done almost entirely in-camera and by hand.

Such is the case with the above photo series created by Getty Images Art Director Lauren Catten and photographer Martin Barraud, who teamed up for these wonderful conceptual photos.

Creative Photo Series Quite Literally Turns Fashion Photography on Its Head

A fashion photographer's job is, at its most basic level, to draw attention to the clothes he or she has been asked to photograph. But how does one make their fashion shots stand out when there are so many more out there, often bookending your own shoot inside the very magazine you're featured in?

Montreal-based photographer Martin Tremblay (also known as Pinch) figured out a way to turn fashion photography on its head... he literally turned it on its head!