See How Proper Lighting Can Level the Playing Field Between Sensor Sizes

Karl Taylor has shared a new video highlighting just how important and impactful proper lighting can be no matter what camera you choose to use. In the anecdotal video, shown above, he pits a Canon 5D Mark III against an Olympus OM-D E-M10 in the studio to show you just how similar the results are when the lighting, not the camera, is the focus of the image.

The setup used in the comparison is identical for both cameras, which are shot at an equivalent 50mm focal length: an Octabox 75 for a gradated background, an Octabox 150 for the key light on his model, and an assistant-held white board to bounce and fill in some shadows using the diffused light from the Octabox 150.


Considering the premise behind this example, the results might not come as a surprise to you. In the final images, both cameras yield an almost identical photograph, despite some minor differences in color rendering, specifically with the skin, a you can see above.

Taylor does a great job highlighting the key element here, which is that lighting is far more influential than the sensor packed in your camera. Of course, a full frame sensor is going to yield a much different image than a Micro Four Thirds sensor, but in many situations, lighting can even the playing field, leaving you with a quality image regardless of what camera you have in your bag.