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Hasselblad’s New H5X Brings H5 Capabilities to Your Older, Third Party and Film Backs



Announced 30 minutes ago as of this writing, Hasselblad has answered many a Hassy users’ wishes by releasing the H5X: a followup to the H4X that promises to bring the advanced H5 body’s capabilities to older Hasselblad backs, third party digital backs, and film shooters.

In terms of third party back compatibility, the H5X features the same functionality as its predecessor. The same goes for lens compatibility — like the H4X, the H5X boasts full HC and HCD lens compatibility.

Where the H5X sets itself apart is with the H5-specific capabilities like ‘True Focus,’ compatibility with the HVD 90x, HV 90x, HV 90x-ii and HVM (waist level) viewfinders, ‘high power AF illumination,’ and the H5D’s grip design.


“This cutting edge camera body… further extends the Hasselblad capture palette for photographers,” Hassy International Sales Director Michele Channer explains. “Based on the widely-acclaimed H5D range this unit is compatible not only with most of the digital backs from older H System products but also most of the third party digital backs. Additionally, photographers who love shooting film now have access to this highly advanced camera body.”

According to the release, the camera is designed primarily for H1, H2, H2F and H4X photographers who want H5 capability — and as a backup for H5D photographers — but whether or not you fall into those categories, you can find out more about the camera by clicking here.

The H5X is available right away for €4,595 (~$5,920 USD) without viewfinder, and €5,795 (~$7,465 USD) with viewfinder.