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Star Trails, Fog, Volcanoes and a Meteor: A Spectacular 270-Image Composite



270 photographs and a total exposure time of two hours and fifteen minutes went into creating this stunning composite photograph of an Indonesian landscape complete with an erupting volcano, a steaming caldera, a meteor, copious amounts of fog and beautiful light trails created by cars traveling below the fog.

The photograph was taken in mid-June by Hui Chieh of My Dark Sky, who trekked up to a lookout point named King Kong Hill to capture this shot.

In his Flickr Description, Chieh explains what it is you’re seeing:

The nearest mountain in the centre is Mount Batok, the steaming crater on the left is Mount Bromo, and on the far is the erupting Mount Semeru. Mount Bromo sits inside the Tengger caldera of fine volcanic sand, with a diameter of approximately 10 km . The bright streaks of light at the caldera below a layer of fog were jeeps carrying tourists to lookout points to view sunrise.

The star trails above the volcanoes were a combination of 270 images with a total exposure time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. All the stars rotate around the south celestial pole except of one that “did not behave” (a meteor near the centre right of the picture). The rising Moon brightened the landscape and made the sky bluish.

To see the photo in higher resolution, head over to Chieh’s Flickr by clicking here.

(via APOD)

Image credits: Photograph by Hui Chieh