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Video: Pentax’s Medium Format 645Z Gets Covered in Sand and Run Under a Shower

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The video-capable medium format Pentax 645z boasts 76 weather seals that make it cold-resistant, dustproof and weather-resistant… but just how “dustproof” and “weather-resistant” are we talking here?

The website Quesabesde decided to find out, and so they took their review unit to the beach and filmed as they plunked it unceremoniously in the sand, covered it in the troublesome stuff, and then rinsed it clean under one of the beach showers there.



They, of course, don’t recommend you do this at home, but at least now you know that the Pentax 645z can handle a heavy rain or a sandy day at the beach with impunity. Rain cover? The 645z laughs at your rain cover and keeps on shooting.

1 Comment