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‘What’s In My Bag’ Video from Erik Almas is Full of Both Great Gear and Great Advice


“What’s in my bag” posts oftentimes come across as a bit pretentious. Between pulling out this body or that piece of glass, it’s easy for the post/video to become a game of “look what I have that you probably don’t have because it costs $XX,XXX.”

But when done right, they can be both interesting and informative, as photographer Erik Almås demonstrates in this fantastic walkthrough of his camera equipment.


Alma dives right into his bag from the very beginning of the video, taking his gear out piece by piece and thoroughly explaining why each item is in his bag, and what he uses it for when he’s out shooting.

And if that’s not enough, he takes occasional breaks from showing you his gear to offer constructive advice on how best to approach investing in your own.

The video is a bit long at just over 14 minutes, so you might want to save it for after work, but with great gear, a gorgeous backdrop, and plenty of quality advice, it’s definitely not one you want to skip.

(via ISO 1200)