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Ten Basic Tips To Help You Grow as a Photographer


In this short conclusion to his instructional DVD, Norwegian photographer Erik Almas gives 10 basic “steps” to becoming a photographer that caught our eye. It’s not that they’re groundbreaking; in fact, you’ve probably heard most of these at least once before.

But put all together, and following on the heels of the humorous Onion article on pursuing your dreams, they make for a great set of inspirational steps to follow if you’re trying to go from hobbyist to professional.

Some of our favorite steps include: defining yourself and what you’re drawn to visually, seeking a mentor, making rather than taking pictures, setting goals and pursuing them with tenacity, and never giving up on your dream of becoming a photographer.


You can see them all by watching the video above, but as you can tell, they’re not so much a set of rules to follow, or specific business-savvy moves to make, as they are a “back to basics” list of fundamental tips on growing as a photographer.

A great website and witty marketing tactics will help, but defining your style, finding a mentor, and setting goals are just as important. And, of course, it’s worth re-stating the all-important step 10: “Don’t give up on your dream of becoming a photographer. It will take longer to get there than you think.”

(via PictureCorrect)