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Leica Proudly Releases ‘The Most Boring Ad Ever Made’ for the New Leica T


What’s the most boring advertisement you’ve ever seen? Well, whatever it is, Leica is here to challenge it. In a move that is part humor part marketing brilliance, Leica has put together a 45-minute long advertisement that shows off every. single. second that each of their just-announced Leica T cameras spend being polished down, ever-so-meticulously, by hand.

If you appreciate craftsmanship and have three-quarters of an hour to burn, then it might be worth the entire watch. If you don’t, you might just want to watch the first two minutes, then skip to about 20 minutes, watch for another minute, and then skip the 43-minute mark (you’re welcome).

Regardless of how many full views this advertisement gets, we commend Leica for taking a humorous approach to their impressive craftsmanship, which they clearly take very seriously.