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This Glorious Yosemite Time-Lapse Makes Us Want to Head to California Right Now


What exactly makes one landscape, milky way time-lapse stand head and shoulders above the crowd? In a genre so over-saturated that some people have lost faith in it altogether, how do you create a time-lapse worth international attention?

We’re not entirely sure, but we do know that the video above fits the bill just right — it is, in a word, spectacular.

The time-lapse was shot by photographers Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill, who run Project Yosemite and are probably as intimately familiar with and passionate about the national park as any photographer now living.


For this particular project, they hiked over 200 miles over the course of 10 months, ultimately spending a combined 45 days in the park hunting down and capturing the most beautiful views.

To learn more about Project Yosemite, browse a full list of gear and locations from the shoot and see the first Yosemite time-lapse the duo put together two years ago (another stunning creation) head over to the Project Yosemite website by clicking here.

(via F Stop Lounge)