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Fuji UK Will Now Let You Customize Your X-Series Cameras with Different ‘Skins’



Fuji’s retro-styled X-Series camera’s aren’t known for their customizability. In fact, it took a whole separate announcement for Fuji to release a black version of the X100s.

But now, users in the UK can go way beyond that with select models thanks to a Fujifilm X Signature program that will let you wrap your beautiful shooter in any number of different colored leatherettes.

By simply logging in to the Signature site and either picking the model you currently own or purchasing an already customized model straight from the microsite, you can have your own X-Pro 1 or X-E1 covered in, say, Blue Lizard leather… or Brown Snakeskin.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.50.59 AM

If this seems a bit silly, give it a minute, because we haven’t even told you the price yet. Covering your X100 in ‘Black Lizard’ leather (faux leather if we had to guess) will run you £130, or approximately $217 US.

Admittedly, the white skin in particular makes just about every one of the models look pretty snazzy (until you get it dirty…) but at those prices, we’re thinking most X-Series owners would rather put the money towards some more lenses.

To browse through the selection for yourself — or, if you live in the UK, maybe buy one of these skins and send off your camera to be customized — head over to the Fujifilm X Signature website by clicking here.

(via Photo Rumors)