MoVI: A ‘Game Changing’ Stabilizer Rig for Silky-Smooth Hand-Held Video

Over the last several days, one particular piece of new gear has been getting a lot of attention as a potential “game changer” for the videographers among us. A new hand-held stabilization rig, the MoVI is a three-axis, gyroscopic, completely silent system that’s looking to revolutionize the professional stabilization market.

The rig was designed by Freefly Systems and will come in two models, the M10 and M5. The M10, which is the rig in use in all the videos, is the larger version; it can hold up to 10 lbs of equipment and will run you $15,000 when it hits the market. The M5 will be a smaller version of the M10 that will go for half the price in order to bring the system within reach of more people’s budgets.

Of course, words like “game-changer” and “revolutionary” mean nothing on their own, which is why well-known director and photographer Vincent Laforet has put together several videos showing off the rig’s capabilities.

At the top we see a demo video put together from silky-smooth, hand-held shots taken exclusively with the MoVI; below that we have a behind the scenes look at filming the demo; and lastly, a very short video showing MoVI in action.

The MoVI prototype will be getting run through its paces in front of potential buyers at NAB in Vegas this week. No release date has been announced yet, but with all the hoopla surrounding the MoVI (i.e. almost 1M total views in 3 days and a whole lot of press) PopPhoto is probably right when they say that interested buyers will likely run into a waiting list when it does come out.

Head over to Laforet’s blog to read his entire write-up on the MoVI system.