Kumbacam: One-Handed, 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbals for GoPros and Smartphones


Small cameras are becoming more powerful with each iteration, but as powerful as they are, the lack of any quality stabilization options means shaky, unprofessional looking footage no matter what resolution you’re shooting at.

Here to hopefully solve this issue is Kumbacam: a Florida-based imaging company that has a lineup of one-handed gimbals specifically designed for GoPro and smartphone cameras.

Nearly identical in functionality, but slightly different in design, these two gimbals use three brushless motors to provide tilt, roll and pan stabilization for your smartphones and GoPros. Additionally, the smartphone edition features small counter-weights to compensate for phones with more top-mounted cameras.

The design of the gimbals is fairly straightforward: just a basic mount and a sturdy handle so you never lose your grip on the camera/gimbal rig. If you’d like a little more reach, you’ll also find that each model can be attached to an extension pole.

Here’s a closer look at the gimbal options available to you:





Both models will set you back $310, but as of this writing the GoPro model is the only one available. The smartphone edition is available for pre-order, and set to ship on November 20th.

For more information, or to purchase/pre-order your gimbal, head on over to Kumbacam’s store.

(via Digital Trends)