Last Camera: A DIY 35mm Camera You Put Together, Lenses and Light Leaks Included


If you’re shopping for a young person who’d benefit from learning a little more about the principles of photography, you may want to consider the LAST Camera: a build-it-yourself 35mm film camera that could well outfreak Lomography for quirky build and artfully distressed images.

Created by Japanese company PowerShovel (gotta like ’em already with that name) and sold under the Superheadz brand, the LAST is billed as the only DIY camera with interchangeable lenses (you get a 22mm and 45mm in the kit). Not to mention an interchangeable back door — choose from a regular one or a hole-enhanced version for light-leak effects.

Here’s a look at the kit as it arrives at your door:



And here are a couple of sample images taken with the LAST cam:

ScreenHunter_263 Dec. 10 12.49

ScreenHunter_262 Dec. 10 12.49

Construction is a snap-and-fit affair (similar to the Lomography Konstruktor) that should bring waves of nostalgic pleasure to anyone who ever put together an airplane model, and modular design allows all kinds of possibilities for customizing the camera. PowerShovel has an ongoing contest to see who can come up with the most striking interpretation.

Other Superheadz novelties include a “self-sustainable” camera powered by solar cell or hand crank, and the cat-shaped Necono.

U.S. distribution is still somewhat limited, but you can find the LAST camera online for around $60.

(via Digital Trends)