Lifelogging Camera Maker Memoto Has a New Name, $3M in Capital and a Ship Date


Memoto, the company behind the wearable camera that automatically documents the user’s life by taking a photo every 30 seconds, has a new name, $3 million in fresh capital, and plans to start shipping product next month.

First, the name. It seems Motorola objected to the “moto” half of the company’s name because they actually have it trademarked. So Memoto was forced to rebrand and is now known as Narrative, with the device itself named the Narrative Clip.

Here’s the same intro to the Narrative Clip we shared before, only this time re-edited with the new name:

The Clip, about the size of an iPod Nano, is designed to be clipped somewhere on the user’s person. Once clipped, it automatically snaps a 5-megapixel photo every 30 seconds to document your life.

Photos, along with metadata from the device’s built in GPS, are uploaded to a cloud-based storage system and can be accessed via iPhone or Android apps to construct an ongoing documentation of the user’s life in far greater detail than anyone would have thought necessary a few years ago.

Photos can be searched within Narrative’s servers so you can, say, find the name of that restaurant you went to a month ago but forgot about. And one of the most useful features of the clip is that you won’t be logging any unnecessary photos: if the camera is in your pocket or off your person, it stops taking shots.


While mainly intended for lifelogging buffs intent on documenting their lives in hyper-Proustian detail, the Clip is also expected to have some practical applications as well: for instance, helping memory-impaired neurological patients remember their day-to-day, or enabling autistic children to convey more of the context of their lives to their parents.

Initially made popular through Kickstarter — where the then Memoto raised some $550,000 — the company has just secured $3 million dollars in venture capital and is ready to move ahead in force. The plan is to start shipping the tiny camera by November 1st, at a not-so-tiny price $280 each.

For more info or to pre-order your own, head over to Narrative’s website by clicking here.

(via AllThingsD)