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The “Most Important Ramification” of Wearable Lifelogging Cameras


There are a number of lifelogging camera projects racing to be first movers in the emerging industry of cameras that can capture every waking moment of our lives for future reference. Examples include Google Glass, Vuzix, and Memoto). The Huffington Post has published an interview with Memoto co-founder Martin Källström in which he shares some thoughts on what the future holds:

You actually can preserve memories of everyday situations. When I look back at what parts of my life I have documented or captured in photos, it’s really the moments where you’re all dressed up, everyone is smiling, it’s Christmas, it’s a birthday. Those are important moments, but I think it’s important to realize the power of everyday moments as well. Those moments should be given more value. The in-betweens are getting lost more and more.

Sadly, I’ve lost both my parents, and I really feel that my memories of them are fading much more quickly than I’d like them to. What’s left are the stories we’ve always told each other about what we experienced… and the photos that have ended up in albums.

The Master Photo Finishers of America would have loved a Memoto camera back in the early 20th century.

Memoto Camera Creator Imagines Life With Total Recall [The Huffington Post]