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Heineken Using an Instagram Scavenger Hunt to Give Away US Open Tickets



It’s not just Facebook that is eager to unleash the money-making capabilities of Instagram, many companies use the service regularly to connect with their clients and build a brand presence. Heineken’s recent Crack the US Open competition is a great example.

The beer company has some tickets to the US Open Men’s Final to give away, but instead of using the old “pick a random Facebook fan” method, Heineken has taken to Instagram and created a while new account exclusively for this purpose.


The account is called @crack_the_us_open, and on it, Heineken has painstakingly uploaded a massive panorama of the US Open crowd. Using your smartphone and the Instagram app, you can turn your phone into landscape orientation and actually scroll through the account’s feed and see the panorama as it was meant to be seen.

The challenge is to find specific photos/people in the crowd, leave a comment with the given “codeword,” and find the next clue. The first person to find the right photo and leave the codeword is given a pair of tickets.


So far there have been 4 challenges thrown down, and all 4 of them have been found. The fifth round starts at 4:30PM eastern. To participate — or if you just want to browse through the US Open crowd and do some people watching — head over to the crack_the_us_open or heineken_us Instagram accounts by following the corresponding links.

(via Business Insider)