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Nine Months in Two Minutes: A Creative Stop-Motion Pregnancy Time-Lapse


There’s nothing boring about the miracle of life. Growing somebody inside you in nine months is undeniably miraculous, but watching it happen in real time would make for a very long video. That’s why the photographically inclined often choose to document the life creation process using some form of time-lapse photography.



We’ve shared a few of these creations in the past, each with its own unique twist. This particular one makes creative use of stop-motion to add some movement into a time-lapse that would otherwise simply feature the wife standing there while her belly grows.

Throughout the two-minute/nine-month video, the husband checks in from time to time, showing off his recent purchases, building a crib, and putting a chalkboard to use as a way to keep the viewer informed on the progress.



On the off-chance you don’t have the two minutes to spare, the photos included here give a decent overview of the video. But if you have the time, it might not be a bad way to end the weekend and get ready for the work week ahead.

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