Photographer Discovers WWI Negatives in Antique Store Camera


We’ve shared some awesome photographic finds before — from the surprising to the downright amazing. On the surprising end you have things like the memory card with wedding photos still intact found a year and a half after an earthquake. On the amazing side you have the Kansas teen who bought a Polaroid camera at a garage sale and found a photo of his long-passed uncle inside.

This story falls somewhere in between. On the glass plates inside of a Jumelle Belllieni stereoscopic camera that photographer Anton Orlov bought at an antique store, he found some old negatives. And we mean old… like WWI France old.

Here are a few of the photos he found inside:




Head over to Orlov’s blog to see the rest of the pics and read the entire story told by the man himself. And next time you pass by an antique store, go in. Who know what awesomeness you might stumble across inside of an old camera.

French WWI images found still in camera [The Photo Palace via Imaging Resource]