Black Bear Hijacks Photographer’s DSLR and Tries Its Paw at Photography

Last month we shared the story of a photographer who had his DSLR stolen and used by a lion. Wildlife photographer Dean Swartz had a similar experience recently with a different (and much larger) predator: a black bear.

Here’s what Swartz has to say about the strange encounter,

This young black bear interrupted me as I was taking photographs of a sow and her three spring cubs in Orr, Minnesota. She’d been observing me work for about forty-five minutes and, when her curiosity got the better of her, she tried her newly learned photo technique. One of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had photographing wildlife. I hope it was as thrilling for her as it was for me!


According to Swartz, it appeared that the bear was imitating what it had seen Swartz do just moments earlier. Sadly, it never did figure out how to press the shutter button, so we don’t have any photographs actually captured by the bear to show you.

Image credits: Footage and photographs by Dean Swartz