Words of Wisdom by Renowned Portrait Photographer Gregory Heisler

Legendary American portrait photographer Gregory Heisler was recently invited to give a talk to the American Society of Media Photographers in Oregon. Prior to the lecture, Stumptown Visuals caught up with him to ask him for some words of wisdom. What resulted was this 8-minute gem that contains a good deal of advice you can apply to your own portraiture.

One main idea he talks about is the idea that “every portrait is a self-portrait”. Your personality will inevitably be reflected in the way you capture your subjects, whether it’s in their expression or in the way you choose to photograph them.

His advice? Be authentic. Every portrait photographer should interact with their subject in a way that’s natural and genuine. If you’re the quiet type, there’s no need for you to suddenly become Mr. or Ms. extrovert. Simply be yourself, and who you are will be reflected back from your subject.

(via ISO 1200)